Web design is considered as the process and art that is involved in creating websites or just single web pages and it mainly focuses on the feel and look of the site. Aside from that, the process may also include working on the mechanics and aesthetics of the operation of the website.

Aspects of Web Design

There are several aspects that are included in web design. A few of these are e-commerce, JavaScript programming, XML/HTML authoring, content creation, navigation design, font, color, animation and graphics.

The first web designer in history is Tim Berners-Lee, who, in 1991, published a website and invented the World Wide Web. He was also the first person to ever use hypertext utilizing an existing email address.

In the past, the basic HTML format was used in writing websites, which is responsible for providing the basic structure of these websites, as well as the ability to link with the use of hypertext. This method was different and new compared to the already existing kinds of communication, where Internet users can easily open pages using various browsers.

Web Designing in Today’s World

Today, even the most basic web designs on pages include CSS, HTML and the new XHTML. Aside from that, several sites also include many kinds of interactive and dynamic content with the use of side languages like ASP and PHP and e-commerce.

Recently, change has also come to Toronto web design with Adobe Flash’s introduction into the web designing world as it has further transformed the face of the internet, providing more coverage to media creators and designers, offering interactive features to all the users.

Each page that is within one website has its own URL. In Toronto web design, after they have designed every page, typically, they will be linked with the use of a navigation menu that has different hyperlinks. Because of the advent of fast browsing speed, there have been more demanding visitors online as well as shorter attention span of users. In many commercial websites, this has led to less usage of splash pages. Generally, there are numerous aspects in Toronto web designand this will normally depend on the content and topic.

If you are interested in Toronto web design, keep in mind that information and content must also be relevant to the website. In web designing, the site must be user-friendly, and the navigation and interface must be reliable and simple