Almost everywhere, we read articles and gear stories about the top cruise linesin the world. However, what criteria are being used behind this determination? Is the number one cruise company as determined by one magazine the best for you? How do we really know which cruise ship to choose in order to get that special cruise trip?

Our Dream Vacation

In our minds, we have specific ideas on what factors could contribute to making our best cruise vacation. Even for people who have not experienced going on a cruise tour, they already have a few pre-conceived ideas about what they should require or expect their vacations to be.

For a retired executive, for instance, a traditional cruise would be perfect because he or she can dress casually throughout the day. For a young couple, on the other hand, a party atmosphere would be more apt so they can truly have the time of their lives.

Target Passengers

Some of the top cruise linesactually aim to cater to various customer demographics. Cunard, for example, offers a traditional ocean liner experience while many others like offering an atmosphere which is family friendly with an intimate and elegant twist.

If you are having a hard time deciding on which top cruise linescan offer you the best experience, it would be wise to examine your desires and expectations first. This is a huge step if you are planning a cruise vacation. After all, you would not want to be stuck inside a “party ship” filled with young merrymakers when all you need is romantic and intimate vacation.

Some cruise lines offer small ships in order to give off that intimate and elegant feel. However, bear in mind that these services can also be a bit expensive. Others have mega ships which have amenities similar to that of resorts plus other amenities like skating rinks and rock climbing walls.