For some teenagers, Acne advice can be worse during the menstrual cycle. For most teenagers, these breakouts can be mild but for some it can be severe. Treatment is needed to prevent permanent scarring. Skin breakouts are a result of hormonal changes during puberty.

How Do I Deal With PMS Acne (l)

During menstruation, no matter how mild the breakout is, most teenagers find it depressing.  Go to a GP or a dermatologist and let them assess your case. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) acne needs a treatment that deals with the circumstances before your menstrual cycle that causes skin breakouts. Your doctor can discuss with you the most suitable treatment. In the meantime, make sure to keep your face clean through regular cleansing and exfoliating.

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Can I Prevent PMS Acne?

There are two simple ways to prevent PMS skin breakouts.

Birth Control Medications (pills, patches or Injection). Birth control pills stop the instability of your hormones and can prevent PMS skin breakouts. Birth control medication may take several months to get your hormones balanced and treat the skin breakout. Birth control medications lower the consequences to your skin of testosterone by increasing estrogen production. This will result in fewer breakouts because male hormones have been controlled. Birth control medications also lower excess oil production. Spironolactone. The administration of spironolactone lowers the testosterone levels in women during the menstruation cycle. Side effects can be developed when using the Spironolactone including tender breasts, having irregular periods, headaches and fatigue. Not all women can take Spironolactone.

It is bad enough for teenagers to experience dysmenorrhea during the menstrual cycle. Having skin breakouts during the menstrual cycle can make matters worse. Reassure yourself that if the breakout is mild, it will treat itself. If the acne is mild, it will disappear on its own while medications are needed for the more severe ones