Our grandparents will attest to the simplicity of life during their time; but this cannot be said today. Modernity brought revolutionary changes in the world like fast communication, quick research, fast foods, among others. It also gave us more stress because of the fast and the chaotic pace of life leading to a weak immune system. With the immune system getting weak, people are getting sicker. This led people to rely on medicines, which oftentimes have more adverse effects. Natural alternatives were introduced like Evening Primrose Oil.  Made from different extracts and preparations, Evening Primrose Oil benefits us to a large extent.


The oil in evening primrose is taken from a wildflower that thrives in the U.S., known as Oenothera biennis. It blooms at night and creates seeds that are full of healing and nourishing properties. It was used by Native Americans for food and poultices to treat bruises. Europeans used it in the 1700 for the same reason. The high gamma LINOLEIC acid (GLA) concentration present in this plant was attributed toEvening Primrose Oil benefits. GLA is a fatty acid that helps to rebuild and repair the skin. Absence of GLA in the body makes the skin look dull.


Intake of Evening Primrose Oil will keep the skin glowing, beautiful and healthy because of its highest skin-rebuilding properties. It is ideal for aging people. Aging makes the skin cells to break down, causing the skin to loosen and thin out. This is because collagen, which keeps our skin cells healthy and elastic, breaks down as we grow older. Evening primrose will rebuild the skin’s collagen structure and plump up the skin cells resulting to a healthier improved skin. Evening Primrose Oil benefits are not only internal but also external. Its topical form has the same restructuring and repairing qualities.


A natural herb, Evening Primrose Oil has little adverse effects related to its use. Information on Evening Primrose Oil benefits and disadvantages are available via the Internet and at your local library. Epileptic patients and those taking blood pressure medicines, blood cholesterol drugs or receiving estrogen and other hormonal therapies should see their doctor before taking this herb. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are not advised to take this herb, too. To get more information on its usage, talk to a doctor, an herbalist or a pharmacist. This herbal supplement is available online, drug and health stores and in supermarkets