Metatarsal bone fracture, also known as long bone fracture, has affected famous soccer players like David Beckham, Ashley Cole, Steve Gerrard and Wayne Rooney over the last five years.  Metatarsal fracture is usually caused by excessive use, direct trauma and extreme rotation. It is a very common foot injury because only a few soft tissues protect the top of the foot. Difficulty to walk and extreme pain in the foot are indications of metatarsal bone fracture. It is associated with inflammation and bruising that surface within 1 – 2 days.


Anatomy of the Foot


Knowing the anatomy of the foot will help you to better understand metatarsal fracture. The foot has five metatarsal bones. These long and slim bones are located between the phalanges and the tarsal bone. Operating as a rigid lever during the forward motion of the ankle and the foot, each bone is supple and aids in balancing and sustaining the whole body. The fifth metatarsal is separated by four anatomic sections, namely the shaft, the junction and the neck.  These sections can have more than a few fractures.


The Causes


A twisted ankle causes fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone, which is the most frequent injury,but does not require any surgical intervention.


Extreme use also causes metatarsal bone fracture. This is common in new athletes and army recruits. When the injured region in the groin gets worse, the stress fracture will become a complete fracture in time. 


The second metatarsal heals better, but fracture of the fifth metatarsal poses more problems.




The treatment depends on the type and condition of the metatarsal fracture.


If there is any indication of fracture, bring the patient to the emergency room at once. An x-ray will confirm the presence of a fracture. The patient will be advised to apply a cold compress on the affected area to minimize the inflammation. Medications are also prescribed. The Foot Cryo/Cuff and Aircast Ankle will make the ice packs to work efficiently because continuous compression is applied for 6 hours.


Direct trauma fractures are treated by alignment and with the use of an immobilization cast.


Second metatarsal fracture and fifth metatarsal rotational fracture are treated by putting the foot by a detachable plastic cast. Surgical repair of the injury is suggested by a lot of orthopedist, which allows the patient to restart sports activities after six weeks.