Grown in North America, evening primrose was eaten by the natives, including the leaves, fruit and roots and was used to help treat bruises. The seeds of this herb are used to produce oil, known as Evening Primrose Oil, which plays an important role in modern medicine and cosmetics. The oil contains phenlalanine, a pain relieving compound that is used to treat persistent headaches. Studies have shown its excellent effects on treating alcoholism, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, pre-menstrual syndrome, obesity, hyperactivity in kids, acne, skin aging problems and even schizophrenia. It is considered a most sensational defensive breakthrough after Vitamin C. 


Evening Primrose Oil is one of the natural supplements recommended by herbalist because of its numerous therapeutic and preventive qualities. It is used to prevent illnesses and to maintain a youthful look. The elevated concentrations of fatty acids in evening primrose make it a potent medicinal herb. The fatty acid, gamma linoleic acid (GLA), is not produced by the human body so it is essential to get it in other methods. The fatty acids in primrose oil help to rebuild cell structure and to augment skin elasticity. The inclusion of primrose oil in the diet makes you healthy and young.


Evening Primrose Oil also aids in normalizing hormones, particularly before menstruation. Women who experience PMS have low levels of GLA in their system so they put up with breast tenderness, carbohydrate cravings and irritable bowel flare-ups. GLA helps to reduce menstrual cramps by obstructing inflammatory prostaglandin production released during menstruation. The fatty acids in primrose reduce breast inflammation on women with fibrocystic breasts. It encourages iodine absorption, which is abnormally low in women with this condition.  Evening primrose is advised to menopausal women because it minimizes hot flushes and enhances wellness.