It is important to be prepared when purchasing any expensive item like a home cinema projector. This does not only pertain to your resources, but also the features, qualities and what works best with your equipment. By following a set of rules on purchasing the best home cinema projectors, you save yourself from feeling sorry in the end. There are several alternatives to obtain the right set up.  The following tips will help you when buying the cinema projector for your home.


1.      Compatibility. Decide what you need. Knowing your requirements is essential because the projector will have to be connected to your equipment. So choose a projector that will work with your existing device rather than getting something that will require you to buy a whole new set of equipment.


2.      The Projector’s Size. Projectors come in various sizes. The best home cinema projectors screen sizes range from: a full square screen with a dimension of 4 x 3; or a widescreen, film and HD-friendly screen with a dimension of 16 x 9. The 16 x 9 is ideal, as a lot of TV programs are going on high-definition widescreen. Movies on Blu-ray and DVD are all on widescreen, too. This size reduces the letterboxing seen on a 4 x 3 screen.


3.      Manner of Installation. There are various options for installing the best home cinema projectors.


Permanent home cinema projector screen. This stays in place on the wall and is perfect for a dedicated home theater room. Pull down cinema projector screen. This is mounted either on the wall or from the ceiling, where a button is pressed for the equipment to appear. It is semi-permanent and semi-portable. Portable home cinema projector screen. It does not have many options, but is the most flexible and inexpensive. This is ideal for business executives and sales people who need to make effective presentations.


4.      Brightness. Nobody wants a projector where the image is too bright or too dim. The brightness depends on the room size where the projector is to be placed, the lumens of the light and the distance to the screen or the wall. A projector with less than 1,000 lumen rating will be appropriate in a small room because distance is not that big.  Alternatively, a projector with more than 1,500 lumens suits a bigger room or a small movie theater.


These tips will help you find the best home cinema projectors regardless if you buy it online or from physical stores.