Portable music players are specially-designed devices, where you can view your favorite TV or movie programs and digital pictures in a portable set-up. Here are six factors to consider when buying the best portable music player.


The screen and body size are essential. You get a good view with a bigger screen, but it is expensive. The portability of a portable music player is better seen and felt with a slimmer and lighter body size.


The control functions pertain to touchscreens, buttons or both. A button configuration portable music player allows you to manage the basic commands like power, volume, file navigation, fast forward and rewind. A touchscreen has the basics and a myriad of advanced functions. An excellent portable music player features a combination of these control functions.


Enjoy longer listening and viewing time with a long battery life. Five hours of battery life is enough to enjoy two movies.


The interface allows you to identify visually the functions you need to use. The best portable music player has a user-friendly interface allowing you to look for features in less time, whether surfing through your photos or watching a video.  


Portable music players have three digital media storage file choices: hard drive stores more files, but are prone to damage; flash memory has less space to offer; and the detachable flash memory cards that let you take the media wherever you go but can get lost easily.


A good portable music player supports the most basic digital media file formats like MP3/WMA for audio, AVI/WMV for video and JPEG for digital photos. A good qualityportable music player offers more advanced media file formats for digital media playback.