The revolutionary touchscreens are what make the MP3 players a most wanted gadget. The polished look and visual appeal are the knockout factors that tempt people to get the best available MP3 player with touchscreen in the market. Here are a few points that should be taken into account when purchasing a touchscreen MP3 player.


Check The Features

The big screen of MP3 players with touchscreen is its greatest attraction to customers, as it offers more comfort-ability watching marathon videos or full length movies. Video quality is better in sharp resolution MP3 player with touchscreen. Touchscreens with 1.8 to 7-inch screen size will give you an excellent viewing experience. Tapping, scrolling and swiping make navigating and accessing the built-in applications in an MP3 player with touchscreen much easier.

Handling And Control

Touchscreen MP3 player needs careful handling, as it is delicate and sensitive to the touch. You cannot be rough on handling the device and must be extra careful to avoid dropping it and even throwing the unit, whether by accident or unruly temper. A damaged touchscreen will cost you several dollars replacing it. With careful handling, MP3 player with touchscreen will last you longer.

The Price

The basic MP3 players with touchscreens sell for as low as $30. The price of the most saleable and first-rate MP3 players with touchscreens starts at $120 and above. It is recommended to purchase an inexpensive MP3 player with touchscreen but with good audio quality if you are into audiobooks or listening to music. Buy the top-of-the-line MP3 with touchscreen if you love watching movies.

The leading brands of touchscreen MP3 player in the market include Apple iPods, and those from well-known brands like Samsung, Sony and Microsoft. These brands continue to outdo each other in sales and features. Most of these brands were rated excellent by customers with a 4-star rating.