The Renegade Diet ends all diet solutions out there! It’s been known as an effective plant-based weight loss regime to make one’s body fit and healthy. It’s well designed to help people go on a revolutionary diet without having a boring one.  The creator, Jason Ferruggia, has made sure that you can still eat anything you desire to, but you only have to make wise choices. Check out this post to know what makes his diet different from others out there.

What Makes The Renegade Diet Different?

It’s the new kind of method to lose weight, and it was based from research on the theory behind evolution. It is not the traditional nutrition, but others say that it is one of the most effective to use. It avoids the common problems in other diet programs on the market.

The Renegade Diet does not believe in losing up to two pounds of fat per pound of muscle because it can make bigger fat build up. It will lead to a larger volume of body fat. Many diet programs are difficult to follow but less effective. This Jason Ferruggia diet is not! It is not the traditional and boring meal plan you would have. You won’t also have to deal with boring meals. In fact, you can eat anything you desire. You will just have to make smart choices. It does not follow the belief of losing one pound of muscle for every two to three pounds of fat you burn. This will make you leaner, but you will lose muscle soon.

If you want to break-free from diet norms and traditions, try this revolutionary diet that will change the way you look at weight loss and muscle building. Study your options well, and ask your doctor about this diet. Learn more about the Renegade diet today!